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    Bar Equipment

    Energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective
  • Kitchen Equipment

    Kitchen Equipment

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  • Catering Equipment

    Catering Equipment

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  • Cooling Solutions

    Cooling Solutions

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The Right Solution

RECC offers the right solution for every individual client’s requirement for their set up, whether it is a commercial, a large industrial, or a small project, We grant the best solution.

Practical Facilities

A wide variety of practical facilities available from display cabinets, fridges, CO2 Refrigeration, freezers, catering equipment, cold rooms, lighting facilities, and more appliances, to cater to your requirements for the best optimisation of your property.


A Professional Team to assist each project by providing support from consultation, design, delivery, installation, and after-sales 24/7 support to fully ensure our clients' satisfaction is reached.

CO2 Refrigeration

We optimise using natural refrigerant the CO2, as it is highly efficient at a low cost and environmentally safe to the environment, CO2 stands out in the industry of commercial refrigeration.

RECC – Refrigeration, Catering & Servicing

About us

RECC is one of the leading suppliers in the industry of high-quality commercial refrigeration, catering equipment, and cold rooms services to the local industries in Malta & Gozo.

The process begins with the consultation of our expertise to create a professional tailor-made system, followed by the installation and maintenance of refrigeration or a catering system for the required commercial business to perform efficiently. To fully ensure peace of mind for our customers, the technologies we operate with, are supported by 24/7 After-Sales service where our specialised team will continually monitor and solve any necessary maintenance for every system to be in top-performing form.

Our mission is to give the utmost satisfaction to our customers by creating the perfect vision for their needs. In every sector we operate in, be it a small project, a large industrial, or a commercial project, we continuously offer the best service to achieve the dreams of our customers.

With over 30 years of professional experience in the commercial industry, RECC has produced a strong prominence as one of the top suppliers of refrigeration, catering, cold storage, and kitchen equipment. We are extremely proud of the strong partnerships we have formed, with the present leading retailers in Malta & Gozo.

Operating with a range of overseas partners, we pride ourselves on constantly promoting and installing the latest solutions, which are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective for our customers. We are committed to maintaining our position at the forefront of technical innovation in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The success of our customers is our goal.

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