A variety of specialised professional appliances to make sure your equipment is in top shaping performance!

Misting and Spray Systems

A range of systems that employ sprinklers and nozzles to maintain a constant temperature by converting water to gas. Our Mist & Spray systems produce an optimum environment by maintaining a constant humidity level, reducing dust pollution and repelling flying insects, which helps keep the contents in your refrigerated unit fresh and cool. Our mist and spray systems are extremely successful at stimulating plant growth.


Professional and sturdy absorption dehumidifiers designed for use in environments with high humidity and low temperatures. Our dehumidifiers are the ideal blend of dependability and robustness. Professional dehumidifiers are designed to remove huge amounts of excess humidity in a variety of commercial settings. Medium to big warehouses, commercial areas, greenhouses, storage, museums, art galleries, and manufacturing are all examples of typical usage.

Reliable dehumidifiers that are thought for home and office. They conserve a lot of energy and last for years.

Portable dehumidifiers are suitable for public and domestic use.

Impact-resistant, can move on their big wheels. These dehumidifiers are suggested for drying the stores and warehouses.

Monitoring Systems

Our most advanced technological monitoring systems are integrated into a variety of professional plug-in refrigerators, display cabinets, cold rooms, wine coolers, dehumidifiers, and other refrigeration appliances. Users can efficiently distribute control and monitoring of their daily activities to their commercial setup in groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and shopping centres, among others, for maximum security and functionality in monitoring the refrigeration appliances’ performance.


Energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective cooling solutions

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